Manufacturers We Represent


Disposable apparel, paper chef hats, bouffant caps, hair nets.


The Clorox Company

Clorox bleach, disinfecting wipes, Pine Sol, Tilex, 409, Greenworks.


Continental Commercial Products

Mop buckets and wringers, trash cans, wet floor signs, mops and brooms, microfiber.



Foam hand soap, hand sanitizers, skin care products, heavy duty hand cleaners.


Fresh Products

Deodorants, air fresheners, urinal screens, odor control management systems.


Handy Wacks

Interfolded wax deli paper, custom logo wraps and basket liners.




Haviland Squeegees

Floor squeegees, floor machine



Hoffmaster - Tennessee only

Custom printed napkins, Linen-Like, FlashnPoint, Cater-Wrap. 


Rotary machine brushes, concrete refinishing tools, commercial brushes.


To see the concrete floor prep video, click here




Floor machines, ride on and walk behind scrubbers, carpet extractors.

Palmer Fixture

Paper towel dispensers, tissue dispensers, hand dryers.






Floor Pads, floor refinishing technology, terrazo and concrete care.



Tornado - Tennessee only

Vacuums, Floor Machines, Burnishers, Carpet Care, Blowers, Auto Scrubbers, Ride-Ons.